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SFX review

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

SFX reviewed issue 3 of Murky Depths. Nice to see Shit New World getting a mention.

sfx MD review

Not sure why they called it a fanzine though.

Murky Depths PDF taster issue #2

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Click here, then Murky Stuff, Issues, PDF # 2 to download a free 22-page taster issue of Murky Depths.

Along with my short story, Shit New World, it also includes prose stories from Lavie Tidhar and Sarah Wagner. The original Episode #1 of Death and The Maiden from Richard Calder. Poem from Glynn Barrass with accompanying artwork by Luke Hinchley. Cover by Luke Cooper.

Murky Depths is a quarterly anthology of short fiction, poetry, articles and comic strips and you really should be reading it.

“Hayes writes an amusing short-short.”

Monday, April 14th, 2008

So says Sam Tomaino in his review of my short story Shit New World (Murky Depths Issue Three) over on SFRevu.

Much better than Michelle Lee’s review on The Fix in which she says, “. . . the tale itself is little more than a long complaint.”

Well, it is called Shit New World after all, that was kind of the point of the story, and it’s barely 500 words so it can’t be that long.

So then, one good review, one bad. I’m torn between having a celebratory drink or doing a Stephen Fry on it – hopping on a ferry and pissing off to Belgium in a huff.

Buy this book . . . you spendthrift goons.

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

You really should buy issue three of Murky Depths.

You’d be doing yourself a big favour. It’s spilling over with great fiction and some damnably fine looking comics, plus it’s got my short-story: Shit New World in it (had I mentioned that).

So go, consume conspicuously, as is your wont.

Look, really, go and buy it. We’ll all be living in cardboard boxes when the recession comes so you might as well have something that not only contains great stories and art-work but can also be used as a perfectly serviceable blanket.

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