Gentlemen Ghouls Volume 2

That’s right, slags. Shut yer cake-holes and listen up while I tell you the brilliant news… the Gentlemen Ghouls are back!

It’s nine months since they kicked seven shades out of the most monstrous vampire of them all, and now things are about to get a whole lot worse. It’s still 1972. London is still awash with supernatural naughtiness. The clothes and cars and music are still better than they are now.

What Is and What Should Never Be!

Unholy plots will be revealed!

Cosmic forces will be unleashed!

Almost-new leather shoes will be ruined by vomit!

Right, I’m off for me dinner, but don’t forget that it’s all kicking off again in Gentlemen Ghouls Volume 2. Serialized from Monday the 4th of December, exclusively in the pages of Aces Weekly.

Written by Martin Hayes.
Art by Alfie Gallagher.
Lettering/design by Bram Meehan.

Alfie and Bram have surpassed themselves on this one. Just real top-notch art and lettering. So glad to be working with these guys. Here, have a little preview…

GhoulsWhat_Aces_final_01_01 (Medium)GhoulsWhat_Aces_final_01_02 (Medium)GhoulsWhat_Aces_final_01_03 (Medium)

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