Don’t Feed the Pigeons

Unremitting steel work has me all at sixes and sevens. Bereavements drain the heart. Now-perennial house renovations suck the very lifeblood from my neck like that mad-eyed Lugosi fella in the old black-and-whites. Time marches on and I am left behind, like so much dust-encrusted meat. Basically, I haven’t had time to take a piss let alone do anything like update the website to let people know that I had a new comic out.

Don’t Feed the Pigeons ran for three weeks in Volume 32 of Aces Weekly. A tasty little slice of near-future SF, with wonderfully frenetic art by Hugo Hughes Doherty and lettering/logo work from the always superb Bram Meehan.

You can buy Volume 32 here.

And here’s a little taste, because you’re not all bad.

DontFeed_Aces_final_01_01 DontFeed_Aces_final_01_02 DontFeed_Aces_final_01_03 DontFeed_Aces_final_01_04


Written by Martin Hayes.
Art by Hugo Hughes Doherty.
Letters/logo by Bram Meehan.

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