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Graphic Novels/Comics


Abominable Glory

Crowley HC Front Cover

Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste


Project Luna: 1947 

Graphic Serials

Gentlemen Ghouls volume 3, parts 1 and 2
Serialised over 14 weeks in Aces Weekly  volumes 47 and 48
September-November, 2020



Don’t Feed the Pigeons
Serialised over seven weeks in Aces Weekly  volume 32
April, 2018

Gentlemen Ghouls volume 2
Serialised over seven weeks in Aces Weekly 
December, 2017 


Deophonic; or, The Old Sow That Eats Her Farrow
Serialised over seven weeks in Aces Weekly volume 22
May-June, 2016


Gentlemen Ghouls
Serialised over seven weeks in Aces Weekly volume 21
March-April, 2016

older pic

Older Than the Hills
Serialised over seven weeks in Aces Weekly volume 18
September-October, 2015

Short Story Collection


Get It Down and Other Weird Stories


Fishing For The Pike
An essay on Cliff Twemlow’s pulp horror masterpiece The Pike
Published in Booklore
November, 2016

Fry-ups With the Poets and Prophets
Published in The Green Book issue 6
October, 2015

Three Days in Dublin
Published on Bleeding Cool
August, 2015
Read online.

Short Stories

Published in Uncertainties: volume I
August, 2016

Published in Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 6
May, 2016
Read online.

Published in Wyrd Daze Lvl2 issue 5
January, 2016
Read online.

Changes in the Hive-town
Published in Wyrd Daze Lvl2 issue 4
October, 2015
Read online.

Like Buses
Published in Nature Physics volume 11, number 604
July, 2015
Read online.

Notes From Some Other War
Published in Wyrd Daze Lvl2 issue 3
Read online.

Published in PUSH issue 16
May, 2015

Green-eyed Monster
Published in PUSH issue 15
March, 2015

Shattered Glass in Shingle
Published in PUSH issue 13
September, 2014

Published in Dreams of Shadow and Smoke, Stories For J.S. Le Fanu
August, 2014
~ Ghost Story Award “Best Book” Winner

Howard Loves Polly
Published in Nature volume 506 number 7487
February, 2014
Read online.

Peeling Back the Skin Will Reveal the Sagitall Suture
Down in the Foyer
Every Thing That Lives is Holy
All first published in Get It Down & Other Weird Stories
November, 2013

A Bigger Piece of Nothing
Published in Flurb #13
March, 2012
Read online.

Concerning Tavia
Published in Flurb #12
September, 2011
Read online.

Get It Down
Published in Innsmouth Magazine issue 6
March, 2011
Read online.

Beneath The Cold Black Sea
Published in Innsmouth Magazine issue 5
October, 2010
Read online.

Me Am Petri
Published in Nature volume 466 number 7310
August, 2010
Read online.

Reprinted in the anthology Futures 2
September, 2014

13 Nassau Street
Published in Supernatural Tales issue 17.
May, 2010

The Seeds Of Time
Published in the anthology 2012: Final Prayer
November, 2009

An Open Letter To Any Impressionable Young School Leavers Who Are Considering Joining The Space Corps
Published in Nature volume 462 Number 7270
November, 2009
Read online.

In The Beginning There Was The Machine
Published in Flurb #8
September, 2009
Read online.

The Profligacy Show
Published in The Stinging Fly volume 12, issue 2
February, 2009

Bad Place
Published in the anthology Northern Haunts
February, 2009

Published in Nature volume 454 number 7208
August, 2008
Read online.

Something out of Nothing
Published in the anthology Barren Worlds
Hadley Rille Books
July, 2008

New In Town
Published in The Tiny Globule
June, 2008

The Second-Class Jesus
Published in Neon issue 15
May, 2008

Shit New World
Published in Murky Depths issue 3
March, 2008

Paroneiria Originals (stories first published here)

Immune System Response
August, 2011


London Murder Poems Published on Unofficial Britain
July, 2014
Read online.

Short comics

Staring Into The Eye Of A Blackbird, You Can See The Things He Likes And The Things He Doesn’t
Six pager with art by Graeme Howard and letters by Paul McLaren
Published in Overload #1
May, 2012

Dead and Curried
Six pager with art and letters by Lonny Chant
Published in the Accent UK anthology Predators
August, 2011

Coping With Bereavement
Five pager with art by Des Langford
Published in the anthology Survival Stories
October, 2010

Bad Static
Five pager with art by John Cahill
Published in Something Wicked issue 5
October, 2009

Holmes Has It Large
Four pager with art, letters and colours by Adrian Bamforth
Published in Wasted issue 2
June, 2009

Intergalactic Bank Robbing Teenage Space Aliens On The Run
Four pager with art and letters by Jim Boswell
Published in Futurequake issue 12
March, 2009

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