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Nice review of the Crowley book on Bleeding Cool. I’m very happy to see my good pal Roy getting the credit he deserves for the boundary-pushing artwork he produced on that book.

I’m writing this in the dark. The time has just clicked over to 3.20 pm and I’ve already drawn the curtains and turned the little desk lamp on, because I live in Ireland, and Ireland can be only one of two things on any given winter’s day: a crystal clear, cerulean-blue-skied paradise, or a dank, foggy, oppressively mildewed sinkhole, whose light levels never reach above what might optimistically be called twilight. Today is one of the latter days, there is no sky as such, and no light is given off from whatever burning orb might be glowing out there beyond the wall of grey, and yet the yawping idiot seagulls circle freely above me, so there must be something up there. But it is not sky. It is thick grey soup that starts ten feet above my head and is dissipated only by the Van Allen belts churning up there in the magnetosphere. I have not made this up.

Putting the WWII/monster graphic novel to bed this week, tucking the little shit in nice and tight and hoping it doesn’t piss the bed in the night. Still not announced, give it a week or two. Launching at LSCC in March. Which is good, because I love a trip to London.

I’m going there for a few days later this month, in fact, to work on a secret project with someone brilliant and to drink some beer maybe and visit friends and mooch the streets and see Barlach’s Angel. In that order.

Christ, it’s dark. Can you see me at all?

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