First images from a Holga 135BC

I bought a Holga 135BC on ebay for $30 including shipping from Hong Kong. I loaded it up with 400 speed colour film and played around with it last week, with mixed results.

First lesson I learned is that even if it’s a clear and sunny winter’s day in Ireland, set the aperture to Cloudy, not to Sunny. It seems that an Irishman’s concept of what a sunny day is may not be the same as someone from fairer climes. A lot of shots were underexposed to the point of being what even the most amateur photographer like myself would call “complete fucking shit.”

Managed to salvage a couple. All hinges should be designed like this one.

Handy Hinge

Iveagu Gardens

This was taken using the Bulb setting, shutter held open for about two/three seconds. Looks like it might prove to be an intersting option to have.


These were taken on an overcast day with the aperture set to Cloudy.



Great camera; cheap, extremely light, immense fun to use, and the fact that you look like a leering sex-pest while wielding it in the park can only add to it’s appeal.

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