Gentlemen Ghouls volume 3

I’ve been quite remiss in updating this website. Blame it on the great creeping malaise of 2019, the working away from home, the pandemic, the lockdown, the attempted coups, the general decline and inevitable demise of western civilisation; yes, blame it on some or all of that, I guess.

Thought I’d document some of the stuff that was released in that time but wasn’t posted here.

Gentlemen Ghouls volume 3 was such an epic that it had to be published over two volumes of David Lloyd’s long running digital comic Aces Weekly, appearing in late 2020 in volumes 47 and 48.

Rumour has it (started by me) that a print edition of the entire Gentlemen Ghouls saga might be coming sometime soon.

Written by Martin Hayes.
Art by Alfie Gallagher.
Lettering/design by Bram Meehan.

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