Public Servants

11.34am: A reader who wishes only to be identified as Gary sends this disturbing account that he wrote after returning home from the protests last night:

Live blog: email I just got home after attending the embers of the protest at the end of Victoria Street. While there I got chatting to a 17year-old girl. A while later a group of people who I believe to be neo-Nazis turned up and started causing trouble. They were trying to start on an old man of about 60. A policeman calmed him down. They then started picking on this girl. They all started to scream “Cunt!” at her and she called them this back. The group (about 12-15) walked up to her in a very menacing way. We backed off towards the police and then one of the group pushed the girl violently in the head, causing her to fall down on her back. I pulled her away to the police and asked for help. Two of them smirked at each other and one said: “You wanted free speech.” They then continued to watch as the neo-Nazis caused trouble. This occurred at around 7pm.


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